Day 3 of not smoking

I am feeling pretty okay. I had a small melt down and started crying yesterday, but other than that, I am doing pretty good. Oh, and the moment of total crankiness. Teeheehee and my moment of complete manic feeling where I suddenly had to sort all the yarn.

Okay, maybe it isn’t the cake walk I was hoping for, but it hasn’t been the absolute hell I was anticipating either.

Like I discussed with my psychologist, I am using the e-cig as an aid to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Some people use gum (I’m allergic), or patches (also allergic), or the pills (tried it, became suicidal)… so I am basically on my own on this.

Instead of going cold turkey which didn’t go well in the past (obviously) I chose to use an e-cig to help me. I used it a few times the first day and about four times yesterday. That is still less than what I was smoking on real cigarettes (6 or more a day).

I am about to add a bead into my jar for today! It’s my reminder of how far I have come. Three beads! I can’t wait until it is so full
that I have to get a bigger jar 🙂