Too Much Weekend!

Saturday was a busy day. It started out normal, like any other Saturday. Then Curly came over to talk to Marie. Curly mentioned that there was a lady at her house again. I was catching some of what was going on, but not all of it.

Let’s backtrack for a moment: the night before, at about 3 a.m., someone knocked at my door. Not too many people come over at 3 in the morning but I answered it anyway. This lady, we’ll call her Lela, is standing in the hall of my apartment building and looked like she was on something. She asked if Curly was here. I told her she had the wrong apartment. She was so wasted that she couldn’t comprehend what I was saying, then started to get upset, started rubbing her face and said “Sorry, wrong apartment.” I asked who she was looking for and she couldn’t answer that. Then she asked where the next apartment building would be. Really? She was so wasted she couldn’t walk outside and locate a BUILDING! I walked her halfway there and went back home.

Back to Saturday: So Curly wasn’t sure if it was the same lady or if it was someone different. Marie said she would go look and see. I just had this feeling in my gut so I handed my phone to Marie and told her to take it “just in case”. Then I went back to plunging laundry in the bathroom.

Marie and Curly left and after a while, Marie came back carrying Baby G, Curly’s son. My heart sank. I knew something was wrong. I asked what happened. Marie said that Lela choked on lettuce, or something, and they had to call 911. So I run over there.

The scene… the lady choked on a piece of lettuce because she took a handful of pills and chased it with vodka. We aren’t sure if she was trying to kill herself or what. I kicked into “get information/ keep her alert” mode. I sat on the chair and held her hand and asked her a ton of questions. She flat-out lied on a couple of them, but the rest were helpful. The EMT showed up and got her to the ambulance.

Before they left, we told them about the pills and vodka. Curly and Tom also told them that Lela was not allowed to come back.

After they left, we found out she had taken some of Curly’s medicine that she has for a legitimate reason and we also learned that she is homeless and mooched off people a lot.

I went back home to destress and finish the laundry. We were all a little freaked out about it. I was relaxing in my chair after laundry was done and decided to put the new ointment on my feet again. It’s a steroid cream that helps my eczema. I was hoping it would work and my feet would clear up nicely… I am not that lucky though. My feet kept burning and went into a gasping episode. I finally started putting two and two together and called the nurse hotline.

While on the phone with the nurse, she could tell I was having trouble breathing and told me to take my epi-pen. I don’t like to take my epi-pen because I spend so much time second guessing myself. Am I REALLY in need of the epi-pen? Or is it “all in my head”? If I take it, will they just lecture at the hospital or will I be taken care of? Do I really need it or am I just over-reacting?

Ah, the life of the psychologically abused. I tend to never trust myself with my health. Leave a dying woman in my care, I am right there in full crisis mode ready to help! Leave me alone in an acute allergic reaction, I will question and second guess until it turns into a real emergency because I have been conditioned never to trust myself, my instincts, and to doubt everything I think. I need to work on that.

I did call 911 from my son’s phone, and I was on the phone with 911 when the phone decided to reboot on me. Completely disconnected my call. You would be amazed at the response time when you are on the phone with 911 and the phone goes dead while you breathlessly explain that you took an epi-pen dose from allergic reaction. It was SO fast! I tried calling back on my phone but it wouldn’t connect. Or so I thought.

But the ambulance showed up and they got  me loaded into the rig.  Started taking vitals and my phone rang. It was dispatch. I explained that I was the one who called before, my son’s phone disconnected, and I was in the ambulance and was okay. She was pleased to hear that and we hung up.

I spent two hours at the hospital being monitored since I also took Diphenhydramine before they got there. I ended up getting home late at night with all the kids that showed up at the hospital. I think I traumatized poor LeBraun (who watched me shot myself with my epi-pen). And Marie got to the hospital and said “I leave for TEN MINUTES and when I come back there’s an ambulance! TEN MINUTES!” LOL Poor girl, she was a little freaked out.

Leeli is still talking about the IV I had in my arm LMAO! That poor kid. He was so grossed out.

Sunday was a sleep day and a “finish the laundry from yesterday” day. I have to make an appointment for my follow-up now and I have therapy later today. I’ll also see if there is something else I can do for my feet.

But for now, I am off to sleep a little more. I am so tired!