Dear Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, WTF?

So, I was working on a post about how I feel like Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is taking steps in the right direction. I seriously hope someone from there is reading this… maybe they have Google alerts on? I can hope. But before I could finish that post, the one step forward took two steps back. Let me explain…

Step forward…

I got a survey in the mail to fill out for my visit to the Emergency Room (A&E) on New Year’s Day. I decided to fill out the survey since… why not! No one listens anyway but it would make me feel better. Only they did listen! I got a call from a guy… we’ll call him George… who asked about my responses on the survey.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was VERY pleased with the response I got at the Emergency Room on New Year’s Day. They were quite stellar that day. And I put that in the survey. But I also put that if they were always like that, I would be quite happy. They aren’t though. There are two doctors there that I trust with my life and have no issues with whatsoever. That’s not the case for all the others (so far… I have high hopes though… I hope for change!)

Oddly enough, one of the doctors is one that no one else likes (or maybe I should say very few people like) but I have no issues with him. I have seen him being rude to someone else but… frankly, if that person was acting like that to me, he was a LOT nicer than I would have been. My mouth would have ran off without me. It does that sometimes. Dr 1, you have the patience of a saint. I don’t care if anyone else doesn’t like you. You made a HUGE impression on me the first time we saw you.

Why? My son had pink eye. Somehow it came up that we homeschool. Dr 1 went out of the room and came back with a skeleton display (the kind you see at the doctors offices) and showed it to my son and explained the parts on it and all. I thought that was the COOLEST thing EVER! He showed an interest in us as people, not just numbers and cattle to herded through the ER and out the door as quickly as possible.

The other doctor is just awesome. There are times I am going in for an allergic reaction and I secretly cross my fingers and hope that he is the one that is working. Why? Because he is the only one that treats my allergies right. Not that there is a “wrong” way (except maybe ignoring someone… we’ll get to that) but he goes the extra step. I get the medications I need, I refuse the one I don’t want, they don’t argue about it, and then I get a bag of fluids (which makes a HUGE difference in recovering.) He has no idea how much I appreciate that extra bit of awesomeness. I can actually move the next day. I don’t WANT to… but I CAN move. Without it… I hurt so bad the next day I can hardly move. And usually end up not moving because when I do manage to make myself move, I end up in tears. Dr 2… you are awesome!

The other doctors… oh, not even… I can’t… don’t get me started. It makes me so angry to think about. One I hate with a passion… luckily, he isn’t coming back. *i*  <— That's me with pom poms!

The others just… grrrrr. So I told him all about the grrrrr bits and why I am not happy and why I don't trust them. I also told him who I think is worthless in an emergency room and why… which made me kind of sad to say it too because they are nice people, just really useless.

George listened to me and told me his plan to fix the problem. And now I wait… I have high hopes that things will get better. I want this hospital to be a place I trust and don'tfear going to. I want this hospital to live up to my standards. Really, that isn't hard to meet. One PA there, while I didn't agree with his decision, took the time to explain WHYhe decided the treatment (or lack thereof) that he did. And that made all the difference.

Really, I am not a hard person to please.

Simple steps to pleasing me…

1. Wash your hands. Use sanitizer all you want but also wash your hands.

2. COMMUNICATE WITH ME! I am not psychic, nor am I stupid. Talk to me.

3. Don’t mock me.

Really. That’s it. Two being bigger than one but still, wash your damned hands.

One Step Back

The first step they took back wasn’t even for me. It was my friend. She ended up in the Emergency Room with an allergic reaction. We knew it was an allergic reaction. Long story short, we actually discussed leaving AMA and going to another hospital. She was at work when it happened or I would have stabbed her with an epi-pen, given her 50 mg (or more) of Benadryl, and THEN taken her to the ER.

Instead, I had one hell of a weekend. I had to wake her every 4 hours to give her Benadryl and Ranitidine (thank you Dr 2 for teaching me this wonderful blend of allergy kick-assery). By Monday morning of lacking sleep, I called George to complain, only I was so pissed off that I couldn’t even verbalize the issue. I handed the phone to my friend and she explained, very calmly, what happened (or didn’t happen).

George will take care of it. So it’s only like a half a step back. But still… Where is Dr 2 when you need him?
Second Step Back

I have an appointment on Tuesday at 3:15 pm 1:15 pm.

Back to the communication part. So I have this appointment for a hida-scan. I get the call to confirm the appointment only it goes like this (paraphrasing here) “Hey your appointment is tomorrow. Oh, and we changed it to 1:15 pm.”

WHAT? What happened to contacting me to make sure that time works for me? I have an appointment that I have each Tuesday at 1:00 pm. I had to cancel that.

AND I had to make sure my driver could still make it to the 1:15 pm appointment because he does have a life, you know. I can’t drive because of Epilepsy.

My family is not okay with me walking alone because a couple times I kind of wandered into the highway during a seizure. Really, it’s better that I have someone with me.

So they are not inconveniencing only me, they are inconveniencing a lot of people… including the ones I had an appointment with at 1:00 pm that I had to cancel. Sorry about that guys.

So tomorrow when I go to the hospital for my appointment, I am filing a formal grievance because this is bullshit!

My High Hopes…

But I still have high hopes that this hospital will pull it’s head out of it’s ass and actually be a hospital that is worth going to. I want to have a hospital that I trust. And I am going to be a thorn in their sides until they straighten up and act like a respectable hospital. They do have their stellar moments (like New Year’s Day and saving a friend’s life and the moment with my son) but I hear too many stories of how horrible they are and I see too many times how horrible they can be.

Note to Cabinet Peaks… you are not Gods. Quit acting like it. You are part of our community. Make us proud and show us how awesome you can be. Some of us still have faith in you.