My Boys. Just Doting on My Kid!

Today, my middle kiddo turns 20! We’ll have cake this weekend because his brother comes home tomorrow. So this week is super happy for me!

I am 5'9"...
I am 5’9″…

This is just to show you how tall he is now. To compare, I am 5’9″ tall and he makes me look short LOL. I think he is a little taller now than he is in this picture.

I already have a cake planned out for him for the birthday celebration this weekend. Hopefully he still loves me after he sees it LOL. I will have to share it later this weekend once we celebrate.

I just have to say what an amazing kid I have. Actually, what an amazing adult I have. He can fix computers, fix cars, tend horses, travel like a pro, writes wonderful stories (he doesn’t think so though), draws great, is a compassionate, passionate soul, and just all around wonderful person.

Happy Birthday Miles!