Asking Questions and Taking Photos

I was pondering the my50 list, AKA bucket list, and trying to decide what to put on there. Any ideas you have would be awesome. I already have some great ones and thanks for the ideas! I have the yarn to start the scarf and the material to make a dress. I am set on those goals. I feel like I forgot some. If you see one missing, let me know.

I also saw a list of questions on a blog yesterday and thought that would be something fun to do! Not all at once but just some time when I want to blog but have no idea what to blog about. I am adding it to my list!

I also saw that Fat Mum Slim has a photo a day challenge. I am adding “Do photo a day challenge for one month” to the list too. Maybe it will turn into something I do for myself each week. I don’t know. But it sounds fun and I love photography!

Now I am off to drink coffee with chocolate in it.