50 Questions: What Are You Addicted To?

What are you addicted to, and why?

Coffee. That didn’t take long to think of. There isn’t anything else that I am addicted to. Just coffee.

coffee beans

Why? Because when I don’t drink it, I get horrible migraines. If I continue to avoid coffee, they do not go away. I went about a year or two without coffee and the migraines never went away. In fact, my doctor at the time told me to start drinking coffee to help alleviate the migraines. And it worked. I miss you Dr Morgan!

It also worked this year after I dropped a door on my head. I was leaking clear fluid out my nose and ear. The headache was indescribable. I really have never had a headache like that before. If I was forced to describe it, I would say it was like my brain felt dry and raw and like a pressure behind my eye. The dripping would start and it would get SO much worse.

Yes, I went to the doctor for it. No, they didn’t do anything about it.

Anyway, I started drinking strong coffee (and LOTS of it) and just like Google said, the headaches were a lot less. I could handle them.

Oh sure, I still get the clear water-like drips and it still runs down my throat. And when it does, I just fill up my coffee cup even more and drink coffee until my head isn’t pounding.

So… coffee. I am totally addicted to coffee. And for a good reason.