50 Questions: Update On My Most Popular Post

Find your most popular blog post and then write a second series of it, or an update on it.

I had to really look around on the WordPress dashboard to figure this one out but, my most popular post by far is I Fucking Hate Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.


The next most read is the homepage and after that is another post about Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. I see a theme. In fact, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center posts tend to get a lot more views than anything else. Are you guys at the hospital reading my blog? You should. Because I am not the only one who feels like this.

The Update on That Ranting Post

I keep getting questions about the post in real life and online (more real life than anything) so this post is a little overdue. I did post an update about the chaos and stress that Cabinet Peaks Medical Staff have caused in my life… as if I needed more stress.

You can read the first update here and the second update here. And now, the list of questions that I get asked a lot.

Are you happy with the results?

Yes and no.

Yes… I am happy they finally took it seriously that some “doctor” put a mental illness on my chart. Not happy they lied about it, but at least they addressed it and are working on fixing it. It only took me threatening to report them all to the state but at least they listened this one time. No really. They have a long history of portraying to the public that they don’t give a rat’s ass. You guys should work on that. (Interesting side note:  George is no longer working at CPMC. I can’t help but wonder why)

NO! … I am not happy that their fuck up is still on my chart, that they never removed the allergens that aren’t mine (after they said they would), that I have to fill out paperwork requesting changes, that they never addressed the defamation of my son’s character on my chart, and that it still states in my chart that my son threatened bodily harm to the “doctor”. In quotes because he shouldn’t be a doctor.

NO! … I am not happy that no one has properly addressed the fact that he called all my doctors and lied to them, telling them I didn’t take my marijuana, and had my medications changed because of it. No one bothered to discuss the issue of his harassing me.

NO! I am not happy that he got away with his incompetence and no one ever addressed the fact that he told me that he doesn’t know how to treat seizures.

It’s okay, I am working on a letter to the state. If you guys over there at the hospital want to fix the issues, feel free to call me on my house phone to discuss the issues and get serious about those issues too.

The only way I am not reporting them to the state is if they properly address ALL of my complaints and have the defamation of my son’s character REMOVED from my chart. I wasn’t really asking for much when I filed the original complaint. I didn’t want the doctor’s head on a platter. I wanted maybe some retraining, or a course on communicating with people, put in my chart that I do take my medicine (since he probably screwed me out of getting disability), a formal apology would have been nice… not the bullshit letter from A*. Hell, all of those things would make me happy.

Instead, I got the lamest letter that basically blames me because of my type of epilepsy (which she states is Temporal Lobe Seizures.) and brushes off all my concerns with, “He doesn’t practice retaliation”. How is that dealing with the issue? Seriously, I want to know. If this isn’t retaliation, then tell me what is!

Will you use the hospital again?

I will go to their lab department, x-ray, dietitian, radiology (but not ultrasound), and maybe other parts of the hospital as I really haven’t had too many an issue with them. I am really hesitant to go there though since some of the information is getting back to us. Things we didn’t tell anyone outside the hospital. It’s a small town. People run their mouths constantly. It does get back to me. Why does this always shock people?

I will NOT go back to the emergency department though. Are you kidding me? Hell no. I refuse care from that doctor. Since they won’t tell you who is working so you can make an informed decision (I do understand why) and decide to stay here or risk driving somewhere else (a valid option) then I won’t go. I have stayed home when I really should have gone to the hospital for the abject fear that this doctor would be working. I would rather die that be “cared” for by that joke. I don’t need him calling my doctors and lying to them again.

But why not just go in and refuse care from that doctor?

I asked A*, the head of nursing who doesn’t give a shit about the patient’s concerns, about refusing care. She said I could just walk out if I didn’t like the care.

Wait. What? What about calling in another doctor? If I walk out, my insurance can refuse to pay the bill. Too bad! She said that I can gladly take that option and was implied I could shove it up my ass. See I can put things that are implied also. Doesn’t make it right, does it?

Final Thoughts

I am completely terrified of that emergency room now. I am sharing my story because anyone who is in the area should know how bad they can be and how vindictive the doctor can be. I started sharing the story more freely when I had plenty of people tell me the same types of stories. They won’t report them or file a complaint because they are terrified of retaliation. I thought that was everyone just overreacting when I moved here. I see they aren’t kidding in the least.

I really really wanted to see the good in this hospital. I so badly wanted to think that they were better… and in some aspects they are. The other doctors seem to be doing a good job. I don’t know most of them well enough to say I like them but I don’t dislike them either. One doctor has my total respect. One doctor, with the cute smile, was starting to win me over…

But I will never know how they are because I am too scared to go back. If I am unconscious is the ONLY way I will return unless I can know ahead of time who is working. That way I can decide if I feel safe going there or not. The idea that Doctor Retaliation MIGHT be working just terrifies me. I sat in my living room one day gasping for air hoping the Benadryl would kick in before I passed out rather than go in to the ER here. It shouldn’t have to come to that.

If I find out that Doctor Retaliate is no longer working there, then I may think otherwise… but after this experience I will be horribly hesitant.