50 Questions: My Anti Bucket List

What are the things you hope to never do before you die?

I had a hard time thinking of things I don’t want to do in my life. I went to Google and typed in “crazy things people do” and went to image search. That helped a lot! Here are some things I DO NOT want to do before I die.

Get Arrested

FB police

I have no desire to get arrested or go to jail for any reason. It’s not even near my bucket list. The idea of getting handcuffed, frisked, stripped down, and locked in a cell is not very exciting to me. Even if it is just a few hours.

Climb Mt Everest


I’m not against climbing mountains as a sport. But any sport that requires you to bring your own oxygen is not a sport for me. I have decided that I would like to trek through the Cabinet Mountains one day. I’ll have to bring lots of marijuana but it’s a goal. Mt Everest though… not even a little.

Vertical Camping


You know those people that hang a tent off the side of a cliff and sleep there overnight? Yea, that will never be me.

Why? Because I sleep walk.

I know you are thinking, “Use safety harnesses!” but I also strip in my sleep.

I would really hate to have the last thing I do be something along the lines of plummeting to my death while shitting my pants or having a seizure/ heart attack/ stroke.



Again with the heights. It’s not that I think I will fall asleep mid-fall or anything. It’s the heights part of it. You could not physically get me to willingly step out of plane while it is flying 13,000 feet in the air. I would be that one person who left nail marks down the side of the plane as I desperately tried to hang on while screaming like a banshee. Once I ran out of plane to cling to, with my luck, the parachute would fail or I would die of a heart attack.

Volcano Surfing


I saw something about volcano surfing a while back and thought that sounded like a great way for me to commit suicide. I mean think about it! I’d be riding on a piece of flammable wood down the side of an active volcano … and I am allergic to heat. I’d be dead before I hit the bottom. Wikipedia made it sound so much more fun with this blurb:

Potential dangers include falling off and getting cut by the rough volcanic ash, breathing poisonous gasses [sic], or being hit by flying molten lava.

I can hardly wait to plan that trip for … never.

What crazy things would you never do?


4 thoughts on “50 Questions: My Anti Bucket List

  1. Well my favourite bit of this was you admitting to sleep stripping. bwahaha.

    I’ve never heard of vertical camping and that can definitely go in the bin. I also do not want to climb everest. I also never want a lumbar puncture or for someone to need my bone marrow. I know those two things are incredibly painful…but I don’t think that would be on anyone’s bucket list anyway haha! I just know I often think I don’t want those things to happen to me for some reason.

    Ummmm I don’t want toooo….run with the bulls. Animal cruelty issues aside, that’s just a stupid thing to do. I don’t want to go on a cruise. Why would I spend money to be stuck on a boat being told when I can get off and where I can be a tourist? No thanks. That’s all I can think of for now.

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    • Lol, yes I am very open and honest lol! I also don’t want to run with\from the bulls. I don’t want to have a horn removed from my body. Spinal puncture… If it is as painful as the steroid injection… NO! And cruise? Nope I will borrow my ex’s yacht and cruise on that… Wait. No. I get seasick. How about a nice drive around the country 😀

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