Hot August Nights: Libby Car Show Pictures

I hope to get more pictures tomorrow but the air quality here is horrible with the wildfires and the burnout from tonight. To get a better idea of how bad it is… here is a picture to explain…

This is the burnout. It’s a huge event every year during Hot August Nights. I couldn’t even go out there during the day. After this I really wouldn’t go out there.

This adding to the air made it impossible for me. I gave my camera to Sam and she snapped photos for me.

Thank you, Sam!

Here are my favorite pictures of the event. I decided to stick to five. I will try to get more pictures tomorrow.

The first picture I like just because of the beautiful, expensive car juxtaposed with a burned out home.

This next one I love for the colors on the vehicle.

Which is odd because I don’t really like those colors but on that car, they work! I prefer green…

And this one because the two toned pink is just awesome.

But my all-time favorite out of all the pictures she took was this one because it is just amazing!

I can’t wait for tomorrow because it’s picture day for photo a day AND I may have more photos of the car show to share.