50 Questions: What was it Like the Day You Left Home?

Well, this is going to be a slightly boring post…

I packed my things for about a day… or a week, I can’t remember. My mom, my brothers, and I think my sister, helped me move all the furniture in and helped unpack. If not, I am leaving that there because it’s a really vague day. (Read as: Boring, normal day) I am sure at some point we ate food and drank our weight in soda.

I was moving into a two bedroom apartment and lived about five buildings down from my sister. I paid $450 a month (in 1994). Come to think of it, I am in an apartment where the rent is $75 less! Oh! I should see if I can remember all of my neighbors!

We had neighbors upstairs that had sex more than rabbits. They always played good music too. You could tell when they were about to get it on because the music would change from the DUM DUM DUM! rap to something that sounds like music you could have sex to. Not saying you can’t have sex to rap though. And the bed would always squeak in rhythm to the music. Not the best thing to fall asleep to but it was highly entertaining.

Across from them were Ed and Teresa. I think her name was Teresa. Anyway, they had a kid or two. He seemed pretty country fried to me and she was the biggest sweetheart/ worrywart ever.

Across the walkway from me was a girl and her roommates. I barely knew the roommates but I remember the girl. She was about my age. I can’t remember her name but I think it was Tammy. She was a special kind of crazy that made her a total blast to hang out with. She had a fish whose shadow looked like a shark swimming across the ceiling. It was really cool.

In the second building… the only one I can really remember is the lady upstairs with the million kids. She always left them at home alone to go have fun with her boyfriend. Her oldest kid was about 9 years old though. She ended up breaking into my apartment and stole a lot of my stuff.

Overall though, it was a fun place to live. I loved it there. My neighbors were awesome!