50 Questions: The Day I Started Blogging

The day you started blogging. What were you thinking?

I started blogging back in March of 2003. Yes, that many years! I started Blogging on The Baker’s Acres, my now defunct blog, and ended up moving to WordPress after I got angry with Google.

I tend to like WordPress better. The community just seems friendlier and I haven’t gotten any mean comments either. It feels like you are hanging out with friends over here.

Anywhoodles… the day I started blogging…

I had a hysterectomy on March 21st, 2003. I was sitting at home days later dying of boredom. I didn’t have the vaginal hysterectomy, I had the “cut you hip bone to hip bone open you up and scoop out your insides” type of hysterectomy. I was healing nicely without medication but that also limited how much I could move around.

My kids were still across the state in Memphis with a friend of mine and I was seriously dying of boredom. Blogging was still a bit new. I started browsing the internet and chatting online with friends and someone mentioned “blogs”. I looked it up and I learned it was short for “Web log” and that many people used it as a diary.

I went to Blogspot (which is now Blogger) and set up a blog and started blogging.

What was I thinking?

I was dying of boredom. I needed something to do. It ended up being a great way to update the whole family on how we were doing and then morph’d into a blog about Family, Friendship, Food, and Fun.

I moved it to WordPress and renamed it to My Little Chunk of Cyberdust. I tried to keep posting but I was seriously suffering through a depression and feeling worthless. I see a psychologist and ended up starting this blog because I didn’t want the other one to seem so personal.

And that is where this blog started. A place for me to write whatever I wanted and speak from the heart. It feels more like what I started blogging for in the first place. So basically, I just went back to my blogging roots. I like it a lot better this way.