Because the fire is getting closer and the area is getting smokier, the entire county is on Ready in the Ready-Set-Go series.

Ready means to get ready. It’s basically planning ahead. Have your evacuation route ready and all that good stuff.

Set is the pre-evacuation. That is where you pack all your stuff and get ready to actually leave.

And of course, GO, is actually getting the hell out of there. You know, evacuating.

Like I said, the entire county is on Ready. Parts of the areas to the south of us are on Set and the west side of the highway going south has evacuated completely.

So… because of that and the smoke getting to us, we are taking initiative and evacuating. We’ll head to my ex’s place a few states away and hopefully we won’t take too long getting there.

You can follow me on my facebook page (See Stalker’s Guide for the link). I will be posting updates on there occasionally as I get WiFi. I’ll be back to blogging soon… just in a different part of the country. Hopefully one that isn’t smothered by smoke.

See you then!


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