Slow Internet and Not Blogging

I haven’t blogged since I got to my ex’s apartment because every time I get on WordPress to post something, the internet falls asleep while loading my “new post” page. This one took 20 minutes to load.

I am not forgetting about you guys, I am just spending the time crocheting and sleeping off the Benadryl. It is so hot here I can hardly go outside without being overloaded with Benadryl. One day we went out in his car which he claims has air conditioning. It may have air conditioning but I couldn’t feel it. Within an hour, I was on 100 mg of Benadryl and my tongue was still swelling. I went back to the apartment.

The heat is making me hurt like hell and swell like crazy. I gained 15 pounds in swelling alone. But I am still enjoying the break for now.

I will be posting again when we get back home. We will leave the 8th… or the night of the 7th… not sure yet. But once we are home, I will start posting again.

P.S. The internet is so slow I can’t even preview the page. So hopefully it looks okay.