I am back!

I am back! I went to my hearing. I cried. I hate being totally open about my conditions. Sometimes the small delusional thinking that it isn’t really that bad is what keeps me going. Just from going to the hearing and grocery shopping afterwards… I was so bad after the hearing that my son pushed me through the store in a wheelchair… I came home drained and exhausted. I mostly sat in my chair with my feet up the next two days. My friend came over with a letter she wrote for disability. I’ll get that scanned and emailed to my lawyer.

But now, I am feeling a little better, mentally. Physically I feel like I took a trip out-of-town this week LOL. But this morning I was able to make breakfast tortillas for me, Sam, and Miles. Luckily they had everything ready and all I had to do was assemble and make the tortillas. It didn’t take long… just long enough to make me regret getting up and cooking too soon. Meh, at least we had tasty food. I will be in my chair all day now.

And now that I have cried and went to therapy… and got screened for depression and suicidal thoughts (eh, I was having a bad day)… I actually feel a little better. I still and all teary and all that. But I have a crochet hook coming soon so I can make double entrelac scarves. This will be fun! For now, I have projects on Ravelry that I am working on. I finished two.

Here is a gay pride washcloth I made. It looks white in some areas. I swear that is yellow!

And here are tiny hearts I learned to make. I have to think of something to put these on!

I did carry one with me to the hearing. They had to stop once because I was so upset they couldn’t understand me. I went to the bathroom, pulled this out and said, “It will be okay.” a couple of times. I am thinking of making my tattoo have a a heart at the top of the semi-colon. I am still going to get it. Just not sure when.

So… now I will go work on posts for the week.

I feel better. I am okay. The world didn’t end. I have coffee. All is good. And for those who were counting, two snot bubbles.