I Sold my Soul to Satan

I know a lot of you will be shocked I changed doctors. Before I get a ton of questions about what Dr M* did wrong… the answer is nothing. She is a good doctor. I like her… but I know my old PA-C (Physicians Assistant) better and I want to go back to him because well … It’s not that I don’t want to see Dr M*, it’s that I have a history with my PA-C and I prefer someone who I have a history with. I wholeheartedly trust him. I also trust Dr M*. This is really hard to explain…

I highly recommend Dr M* to anyone else. I’d put her name here but I don’t have her permission and I don’t like posting real names without permission from the person. But I just want to go back to my old PA-C.

The soul selling part…

I was telling a friend about switching to my old PA-C. Part of switching means I am switching to,,, wait for it… Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. Yes, you read that right. I switched to Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. My friend said I just sold my soul to Satan and I couldn’t help but laugh.

No! I am not selling my soul to Satan.

Let’s go down the list…

There is ONE doctor there that I refuse care from (unless it’s just really bad… but I may prefer death to retaliation. I am still debating that one.)

There is one doctor I am not sure about although, I have never really had a problem with her. Other people have had issues with her and they were pretty serious issues, so my guard is up. I personally have never had an issue with her though.

One nurse is a complete asshole. I hate him so much. The other guy nurse I have had is fucking awesome… and a sheriff’s officer (or so I heard) which is pretty cool. All the female nurses I have always liked. Even the one that no one else seems to like. I can understand why they don’t like her (personality) but I don’t mind her personality. 

But all these people are on the Emergency Department side.

On the walk-in clinic side,  the nurse I have seen is fine. She has a personality that I understand. She seems stressed sometimes but working in an ER setting, I would be stressed too. She is nice and has a good sense of humor at times. I really don’t have an issue with her.

I will see either my PA-C, who I have seen for YEARS, or a PA-C who I really don’t have any issues with. He is a nice guy, kind, good sense of humor, lots of kids, etc. If he isn’t treating my condition the way I feel it should be treated, I have never had to say anything because he explains his thinking behind WHY he is doing, or not doing, whatever it is he is doing. And both of them always offer non-medicine alternative ideas to try first. I HIGHLY appreciate this!

I have already seen both of them already. I had a wart removed. Actually, it is still working it’s way off my toe. BUT I saw them both and so far I am pleased. My PA-C did the freezing off part and the next day I was worried because it looked gnarly! Having never had a wart frozen off, I went back in just to make sure it was supposed to look like that. It was fine. It is supposed to look gnarly. I felt better. It still looks ugly but, ew! I would post pictures but I don’t want to gross anyone out.

If I am not pleased, I will tell them, politely, why I am not pleased and will work to find a solution. I don’t think it will come to that though. I really don’t.

Did I sell my soul to Satan?

I don’t think so. I actually was seeing an improvement in care with the new hospital. I was impressed until Dr Vindictive retaliated against me. But shit doctors can be found anywhere. I honestly don’t think that his actions should punish the whole hospital and everyone in it. I was not impressed with how the hospital handled it either but at least they tried. Next complaint I have with that doctor will be handled through the state.

But I am trying to be positive and not go that route. Everyone place has room for improvement. I just hope this hospital continues to improve. I have high hopes for this year. And no one is going to bring me down from my high! Not medical marijuana high… but positive vibes high. I am going to make this a better year come hell or high water!