Crochet bags. I am finding peace in pieces


I haven’t forgot about the blog, photographs, or anything else. I ended up sick for a week at first.

Then I decided to see how long it takes me to crochet a bag with straps (5 hours) since I am attempting gloves for charity  (failing gloriously).

The bags take 5 hours so I can sell them in person for $50 friends ($43 for family and close friends), and $60 on Etsy. The 60 will cover shipping, handling (box or bag to mail it in), and material.

And then I made another one. And one more, and another. I am on my fourth for this week. If I can keep this up, I will have merchandise to sell which means, I will be on the road to self employment.

That is making me feel a million times better. I also have sewing patterns to try out. I am waiting for my replacement foot for the sewing machine.

I also have ideas for gay pride bags and other items.

So… Mumsy Poo, the gloves will be slow to get done (they will get done though) because I just found my niche. I am thrilled!

It does hurt but I stop for a break and I have lidocaine patches coming. I am still excited. I will post pictures of them too.