Mailbag! Fatigue, Sleep, and AWESOME!

What? Cabinet Peaks Medical Center gets a good review? Even though my appointment was cancelled? Am I okay? YOU BET! I even have a little award for them at the end of the post.

I have had many questions about the sleep study so I thought I would take a moment to tell all of you what happened.

The short answer:

It was cancelled.

The longer answer with story (and an award at the end):

Since I knew I was supposed to sleep that night, I did not sleep that morning. That meant I went from 1 p.m. on Saturday (when I woke up) until Sunday night without any sleep. That’s not good for epilepsy. Actually, it is not good for Fibromyalgia either.

Anyway, I showed up at 8 p.m. and they checked me in but the lady doing the study was also helping with a C-section. I said I was cool with that. Being a mom and having babies born that needed the NICU, I can lose a few more hours of sleep for babies.

I got upstairs, played on Reddit, posted a picture here, stared out the window, drank my drinks, wandered in circles, and visited with my son. The lady came in and we started the questionnaire. Then they called her because they were ready for her. This all didn’t take too long… maybe an hour or two.

Then my son went home and I was left chilling by myself. I saw a storm rolling in and it was so cool! Here is a picture…

2016-05-29 21.03.01
Storm rolling in.

And one of my son breathing on the window LOL

2016-05-29 20.32.36-1
Kid at heart.


Then I sat there playing on Reddit. I would get up and walk around, stretch, stare out the window. I was starting to get tired again. One of the nurses came in and explained that there were complications so it might be a little later. I said that was fine. We agreed that I would a little longer but I knew I might be heading home.

After about another hour (it was just before 11 p.m., I think) he came back and said that she could not leave because of the baby. I was totally cool with that. Take care of the baby! So, because it was going to be awhile, they cancelled and sent me home. 

I went downstairs to check out and the lady at the desk asked if I had a ride. I said I could walk. I am about six blocks from the hospital. Then I thought about it. I had gone 34 hours with no sleep, I was exhausted and falling asleep standing up… walking home was probably not the smartest thing for me to do.

She went back and asked if someone could give me a ride but the hospital has a policy that says hospital staff are not allowed to drive patients home. I totally understand that too. Instead, they called dispatch and dispatch sent a Sheriff’s Deputy… Deputy Sheriff?… and he gave me a ride home. I am so grateful for that!

And the most asked question…

Aren’t you mad about that?

No. Why would I be? They were upfront about everything, kept me informed, were polite, funny, professional, personable, and understanding. Yea, they cancelled, but it is not as if I expect them to leave another patient just to cater to my fatigue. 

It is a smaller hospital. There aren’t numerous staff that can do the sleep study. If something came up, I would expect them to take care of the person that needs the care the most. A baby who needs their care is more important than a tired adult is.

It is not that big of a deal. Honestly, I am more worried about the baby. I have wondered if the baby if the baby is okay ever since then. I can reschedule my sleep lab. Not sure what the issue was with the baby, but an infant’s needs are more important than mine. Any day. 

Final thoughts?

Oh. My. GAWD! I just realized something! This is a positive post about Cabinet Peaks Medical Center! We are making progress! I have to say, sometimes they do impress me. 

And for being awesome this time, here is an award for awesomeness from that Crazy Lady!

Awesome A   <— See! The Awesome A Award!

Not that awards from this blog mean much to them, I am sure. However, it meant something to me that even though it did not go as planned, they did everything right! Actually, it meant a lot to me.

Thank you for that. Seriously. I really mean it. Thank you! And I hope the baby is okay. I know that no one can tell me (privacy laws) but I do hope the baby is doing okay.


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