Reviewing my Goals for September 2016

Guess who forgot to post! Me! 

Here is the moment I was dreading since the first goal post… I get to evaluate how I did. Ready? Here we go!

September 2016 long term goals

1. Make a money plan for the next six months. 

How did I do? Money plans are difficult for me but I made a “if the damage doesn’t break and the creeks don’t rise” money plan. I get one points for this!

2. Finish the freaking book draft!

How did I do? Well, I worked on it a little? November is coming up soon? Oh come on! It’s a long term goal! I get a half a point, right? Please?

3. Get rid of most of my stuff.

How did I do? I actually worked on this. While I didn’t get rid of as much as I would have liked, I did get rid of stuff! I get one point for this!

What are the points for? Just for fun! Now on to the short term goals.

1. Pick up my son from the airport.

How did I do? I remembered! He made it home fine. Woohoo! I get one point for this too! 

2. Post 3 posts a week plus one Sunday post.

How did I do? If I had fully functional internet, it would be easier. I didn’t meet the goal. I am getting a cell phone plan and SIM card so that will eliminate that excuse. I will give myself a half point because I did do some posting while the internet was up. Oh, and they fixed the internet!

3. Ebay and Etsy stuff.

How do I do? FAILED! I was going to but… so many excuses. Zero points on this one!

4. Keep up with the house routine.

How did I do? I did amazingly well on this! In fact, I am slowly getting back into my groove of things. I get a point for this too!

5. Write something every day!

How did I do? I did this most days. I would say five out seven days. I get days off of work though. WAIT! I wrote on reddit, facebook, and YouTube videos! Does that count? No? Okay. I still get a point because I actually did work on it.

My overall score: 6 out of 8. 

Not bad for my first month. I seriously rehearsed my failure post in my head when I was typing the goal post. I am feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow I will post my October goals.

What are your goals? What should my goals be? Leave a comment or send me a message.