“You Look Like A Ninja With No Fashion Sense.”

Not wanting to spend the rest of the trip on Benadryl (cuz I like being conscious) I decided to get on my sun gear for the day.

Now, when I buy sun cover clothing, I chose the pieces by function, not by style. I may want to rethink this.

As I was standing at the parking area putting on clothes, my son comes back down the viewing area path to show a picture he took. He took one look at me and said, “You Look like a ninja with no fashion sense.”

Well, he isn’t lying…

OH but here is a cool picture I got south a Sheridan, WY.

I will update more as I have Wifi which seems to be pretty easy to find in WY. While in Montana, most of the free WiFi was harder to find. 

So far, every stop in Wyoming has had a hotspot called “free Wyoming wifi”. I love you Wyoming! 

Although the boys have both veto’d stopping just to blog and post pictures so I will have to do that once we are at a longer stop or once we get to TN. Actually, it wasn’t so much veto’d as it was struck down by the tribunal.

P.S. after I typed this, the rest areas didn’t have wifi. LMAO my luck. But, free WiFi was still pretty easy to find.

I love my kids.

Yes, I have a selfie stick!