This Week in Pictures Part 2

You can find This Week In Pictures Part One by clicking here.

Each Thursday I am uploading my favorite pictures of the week. I will try to keep it at no more than seven pictures. It’s like Wordless Wednesday… but with more pictures… and words.

Here is my youngest with Aunt V at the get together.

Aunt V and Mendel 2.0

Sometimes we all get together and play on our phones. BAHAHAHA

Cousins on their phone.

I was testing features on my phone for the best pictures. That’s Mike’s face sticking out of my hair and Miles right behind me.

Me testing features.

Another great picture! I have photogenic family members.

My kids with Aunt V.

And now the whole family! (or at least the whole family that made it. Some people couldn’t make it.)

Family photo time!

The Scott brothers.

The Three Musketeers.

Ken holding Carmen. I see this picture and I can just picture her saying something like, “And then this crazy thing happened!” as he says, “Really? I don’t think that is how it happens.” 

Cousin Ken with Carmen

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