Mailbag! Questions From People.

Each week I get questions about things I post and about my life in general. If someone else is asking, I bet someone else is wondering the same thing. Here are some questions from this week.

1. Why are you in Tennessee? And When are you coming home?

We went to Tennessee for the memorial of my friend, Leslie Bradshaw, who was murdered in 2006. We wanted to come back to Tennessee to visit her grave at the ten-year mark. We will be coming home soon. We have to wait until my ex has a paycheck so we can get back home safely.

2. Why don’t you apply for Disability or SSI?

I don’t know how else to explain this… so I am going to type it large so you don’t miss it….


Bringing up what I should have done isn’t going to help me now either. So, please just drop it. I will do a post on this later if you really want but for now, homelessness is my goal because it is the only thing I have to look forward to.

3. How are your allergies holding up in Tennessee?

Well, it’s not as bad as in Southern California as far as swelling goes. But I am still taking a ton of Benadryl each day. I take one in the morning and then have a couple before the end of the day.

4. When are you coming home?

We will be heading home soon. As of this post, we are probably on our way back now. I am writing this during the week we are in Tennessee but it is posting on Monday. I’ll update as we go.

5. How is the pain management going?

What pain management? Going to Tennessee, driving across multiple states, I get to choose between possibly being arrested, or getting a ticket, for having my medicine which helps me stay seizure free… or I get to say good-bye to my 73 day streak for being seizure free. My longest streak yet! But I get to start over again because of politics. 

I also get to hurt like hell again. While CBD oil helps with taking the edge off the pain, it doesn’t take away all my pain. I forgot what it was like to hurt this bad. My muscle cramps and muscle stiffening is coming back too. So, no, I have no pain management. Which is also making my sleep quality go right out the window. Now I am sleep deprived, in a lot of pain (it’s a 7 or higher 90% of the time), and my head feels horrible, I am living on Benadryl again. I am irritable from the lack of pain relief. I just want to sit as still as possible and not move at all. Yea, this sucks pretty hard-core. 

I thought I would be able to work on the blog more while I was in Tennessee but I can’t focus with all this pain. I am tired but I can’t get good quality sleep. My head is in a perma-fog. I just want to fly into Spokane, go to the nearest pot store, and smoke until my eyeballs hum.

6. How are you enjoying the time in Tennessee?

Aside from the issues in #5, I am actually having a nice visit. We spent time at Leslie’s grave on October 13th, I saw two of her five children, we had a family get together, family and friends are visiting us and we are visiting them. It’s actually been quite a nice visit.

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