I have not forgot about posting!

I am pretty busy today. I will post soon-ish. I just didn’t want you guys to think I forgot about you.


Hard Week

This week has been pretty hard for me. I am hurting pretty bad from the heat (even with air conditioning, I still feel it) and on Benadryl because of an allergy/ angioedema flare up.


Here’s a pic of my feet. All red and burning on one foot, the other is just fine.

Luckily, Benadryl and marijuana are keeping it all in check. But oh boy, I am TIRED.

The positive spin on this is that I feel more rested. Yea, I am going with that!

The down side is that I haven’t spent a lot of time on blogging. But I haven’t forgot about it. I just need some time to heal myself first.

Therapy Today!

Today I have therapy. I am excited because I have so much to discuss and go over, including the medical marijuana. Then I have to go get things printed, buy some drinks, call a lawyer, and try out my new medicine. I can not wait!

My poor psychologist though. Today she is going to earn every dollar she makes an hour! Because man do I need to vent. This should be fun.